Academic Team

The Principal, Vice-Principal, Headmistresses, Academic Co-Ordinators, and Heads of Department of Rose Garden Nursery & Primary School are directing the young buds towards a growth that is complete and competitive in nature. Teachers are constantly working to ensure that the students learn as well as implement what they have learned in their daily life. Rose Garden Nursery & Primary School teachers are well-versed in child development to understand children’s behaviour. They develop tasks for them and organise learning activities while keeping the appropriate levels of difficulty in mind to assess their interests appropriately and understand individual differences, the generality, and the uniqueness of children’s development.

What Occurs in Kindergarten has an Eternal Impact

Beginning with kindergarten, a child’s academic career, physical, social, and emotional growth, as well as the foundational abilities of language, literacy, thinking, and cognitive development, are all taught. So, it is crucial that you pick a school that will create a solid basis for your child’s academic career.  In Rose Garden Nursery & Primary School the teachers are well-versed and trained to deal with the young children, and the school has created the proper, integrated curriculum to achieve the aforementioned goals in a pleasant, engaging, and captivating atmosphere. We use a comprehensive approach and pace learning in accordance with each child’s talents and capacities to help them develop into well-rounded young people. The curriculum encourages the development of the children’s critical thinking skills through engaging activities in reading, math, science, and the arts.

Primary School

Primary school is the time where youngsters let loose of their childish behaviour and engage in serious learning. Also, it is the longest period of a child’s education during which they really begin to learn important life skills like cooperation and socialising in addition to academics. The next generation of thinkers, leaders, and innovators are actually nurtured in primary schools. Rose Garden Nursery & Primary School place the biggest focus on elementary education since they are well aware of its crucial role and work to provide a friendly, secure, and curious learning atmosphere. Regular parent-teacher meetings create the stage for casual discussions about the child’s learning abilities, attitude, behavioural traits, academic performance, etc., so that parents are informed on their children’s progress on all fronts..


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Teacher Training

“If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.”

Teachers-Development Programmes

It is essential to create and maintain high standards for education in schools. To meet the expanding issues in education, given how quickly social and technical surroundings can change around a child, a research-based strategy is needed. These problems affect the curriculum, teaching styles, teaching abilities, parent-school relationships, and much more. To raise the next generation of global citizens, the educational methods must periodically be changed. With the help of institutional and intervention methods, an internal group of mentors significantly contributes to teacher development. By doing this, teachers competencies are improved and they are better able to manage the dynamic curriculum. These academic leaders support and mentor the instructors in addition to providing training to ensure their efficiency throughout the academic year.

Training Programmes of the School

The school has incorporated training programmes as:
  • 1. ongoing guidance and instruction from a group of professionals and research staff
  • 2. Specialized programmes
  • 3. The courses offered on both online and offline platforms
  • 4. Interactive learning and exposure.
Using research and a self-corrective mindset at different stages of implementation, the training programmes are periodically envisioned to fit the needs of the setting and best fulfil Educational standards. Some of them are as Follows:
  • 1. Education and Early Childhood Development
  • 2. Curriculum development and teaching methodologies
  • 3. Successful classroom management
  • 4. Soft skills and communication
  • 5. Leadership education
  • 6. Technology skills and mental health
  • 7. Program of Innovation Ambassadors
  • 8. Leadership among peers, individual effectiveness, etc.

Modes of Training Programmes

Workshops, Presentations, Seminars, Demonstrations, Micro-teaching, Sensitization programmes, Online sessions, and so on.

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