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Parental Interactions

We had a lot of interaction with the parents throughout our teaching journey because teaching during lockdowns is primarily virtual. We began working with parents during the pandemic, and they had an entirely new degree of access to the education of their children. Rose Garden Nursery & Primary School recognises the important role that parents play in the education of their children. Also, we invite parents to participate as reading volunteers in the classrooms and to attend meetings, Masses, assemblies, and other school-related events. In order to keep parents informed, newsletters and other communications are frequently distributed. Parents are encouraged to participate in our vibrant PTA (Parents and Teachers of Rose Garden Nursery & Primary School Association ).


If parents have any queries concerning their child’s education, they should first speak to their child’s class teacher. Every child has the equal right to attend education in a setting that is supportive of their entire development, safe from harm, and conducive to learning. If there are any remaining questions, parents should next speak with their child’s phase leader.


PTA aims to give parents and the school a means of communication about regulations that support the growth of the school. It provide a platform for important topics and, when necessary, convey member comments to the Board of Trustees and school administration. All parents whose kids attend the school are welcomed and instantly become members. We invite everyone to participate by attending meetings, volunteering assistance and support, showing up at events, and submitting suggestions and feedback.

RoseGarden Parent Survey We want to know what you think!

QuestionsAgree or strongly agreeDisagree or Strongly DisagreeDo not know
My child enjoys attending this school.94%6%0%
This school provides for the needs of my child.97%0%3%
The school is a safe place for my child.97%3%0%
In this school, my kid feels valued91%3%6%
This school has good student behaviour.97%3%0%
QuestionsAgree or strongly agreeDisagree or Strongly DisagreeDo not know
The school lets me know what my child is studying all year long.93%7%0%
Children's emotional welfare and health are supported in school.82%4%14%
All kids are welcome at the school.93%7%0%
My kid is successful at this school.93%3%4%
My child can participate in clubs and extracurricular activities at this school.89%7%4%
School informs me of my child's performance.86%4%0%
A wide variety of subjects are taught in schools.79%4%14%
My kid gets the best education possible at school.86%10%4%
Would you recommend this school to another parent?







The teachers are approachable and pleasant, and they connect well with the children. Her personality has developed significantly as a result of the teachers' consistent support and encouragement at every stage, which has also given her the strength and self-assurance she needs to face the outside world. I am hoping for the best for the school's future endeavours.


As a parent it is great to witness my child articulate her ideas in such a lovely way, and I'm relieved that she not only has the ability to speak but also does so well.


Excellent school, supportive staff, and teachers. My son has made fantastic progress; he enjoys going to school and talks about what he is learning and teaching at home.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the teacher and the crew very much. You all are doing a fantastic job managing the smart programme and ensuring that students stay motivated and interested in their academic work.


This school is undoubtedly fantastic. My son attends this school, and we are glad that we did. Teachers are very effective and show a lot of care

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