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Age-Related Subject Learning​

There are several “windows” of opportunity for a kid to learn a certain concept at different stages of their development. These windows start to appear shortly after birth and subsequently get smaller as a child gets older. Neuroscience has clearly demonstrated that learning occurs swiftly in childhood because brain neurons proliferate or replicate at a high rate during youth. Surprisingly, the crucial learning period ends before the age of ten.  Theoretically, there are a number of developmental windows for things like language, emotions, values, vision, motor coordination, etc.

Sensory Preferences For Learning

The term “sensory preference” describes a person’s preference for learning information through sensory stimuli (ie. visual, auditory, kinesthetic). The kind of sensory information that is registered most quickly through hearing, touching, or seeing. The way a person learns, how comfortable they are learning a subject, and how they store information or build memory systems are all influenced by their sensory preferences.

The Importance of Art and Craft for Schoolchildren's Overall Development

Schools and institutions have a history of favouring left-brained learning over right-brained learning. Left-brain influencing academic disciplines promote accuracy, logical thought, and analysis. They include mathematics, science, language, and computer science. Aesthetics, feelings, and creativity are influenced by right-brain topics. Arts, music, sports, theatre, social sciences, and drama are some of these subjects. Although right brain users take risks, are creative, and concentrate on the future, left brain users play it safe, are rational, and do so.

Education and Intellectual Development

Several researchers have noted the value of art and craft for kids and the intellectual and emotional benefits it provides. As a result, it is crucial that arts and crafts are taught in schools in order to promote children’ overall development. Many times, art projects are carried out in classrooms, and the professors’ comments during those projects help students develop their self-esteem and learn how to accept both praise and criticism for their work.


Independence Day Celebration is on 15th August, 2022
Doctor's Day was celebrated on 3rd July, 2022. Class Upper Nursery participated.
World Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June, 2022. Class II to V participated.
Father's Day was celebrated on 22nd June, 2022. Class Lower Nursery to V participated.
Mother's Day was celebrated on 8th May, 2022. Class I to V participated
Earth's Day was celebrated on 22nd and 23rd April, 2022. Lower Nursery, Upper Nursery and Class I to V participated.
1st Day of New Session was on 11th April, 2022
Foundation Day was on 10th April, 2022.



The teachers are approachable and pleasant, and they connect well with the children. Her personality has developed significantly as a result of the teachers' consistent support and encouragement at every stage, which has also given her the strength and self-assurance she needs to face the outside world. I am hoping for the best for the school's future endeavours.


As a parent it is great to witness my child articulate her ideas in such a lovely way, and I'm relieved that she not only has the ability to speak but also does so well.


Excellent school, supportive staff, and teachers. My son has made fantastic progress; he enjoys going to school and talks about what he is learning and teaching at home.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the teacher and the crew very much. You all are doing a fantastic job managing the smart programme and ensuring that students stay motivated and interested in their academic work.


This school is undoubtedly fantastic. My son attends this school, and we are glad that we did. Teachers are very effective and show a lot of care

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